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True Ames

True Ames | D-2

True Ames | D-2

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Our collection wouldn’t be complete without a traditional, old school D-fin. Originally popular as glass-ons in the ‘60s, we offer the D-2 as a box fin these days for those keen to try it out and take a trip to the past. 

The full surface area of the D-2 allows for subtle directional adjustments, but the main attraction is the easy noseriding. If you want to cruise down the line and log some serious tip time while paying homage to the classic days of longboarding, then this is the fin for you.

  • Traditional, full area fin designed to pair with big heavy logs and Pig shapes
  • Has a 9.75” base, and it will fit in a standard 10” fin box because we have made an overhang in the rear of the fin. You may have to take out your fin box leg rope, but we know most D-fin riders do not use such newfangled attachments anyway 
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish
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