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At Icons, we hold as many iconic handbuilt boards as possible, and want to help you compare what's on offer and to get you the board that's going to suit you best.

Rates:  $50 per 24hrs or $250 for a week.

We set you up with fins & a leash. Customer is responsible for cost of any damage, breakage or loss incurred during rental, up to value of replacement.


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Californian Classics

Reyn Spooner

For 65 years, Reyn Spooner has been renowned for producing beautiful and authentic Aloha shirts. From hand-painted patterns by local Hawaiian artists, to modern innovations that ensure a lifetime of comfort, with the promise of paradise sewn into everything we bring to life.

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Californian Classics

Birdwell Beach Britches

"Over the 58 years of doing what we love, we’ve been lucky enough to make a few friends and feel grateful for the chance to talk story with them from time to time. From endearing family moments to epic surf adventures and every sun-drenched moment in between, we’re always inspired by the memories they share and stoked to have played a small part in the stories told by friends around the world."

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