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Thomas Surfboards

Thomas Surfboards - 9'6" Hariot

Thomas Surfboards - 9'6" Hariot

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 Tail: Squared Round
 Color: Deep red inlay deck w/ opaque white bottom & rails
 Finish: Gloss, Polished
 Fin set up: Single Box

"Heavily inspired by everything we love about Aussie Old Mals, the Hariot is an involvement style board. It has refined and foiled out rails, a rolled bottom / belly and a smooth gradual rocker throughout. A stumpy thumb tail that allows for ever so smoothly rail to rail surfing and a blunt narrow nose for fitting in the tightest of pockets - but also allowing for room for both feet to be well planted up front. This board has been in the stable for a little while now and is a real favourite for myself and others. This new update has had a few tweaks made, the greatest addition being the nose concave, although not needed on lined up point waves etc it’s been a great addition for when the waves are a little less perfect."
-Thomas Bexon

Length 9'6"
Nose 17
Width 23
Tail 16 9/16
Thickness 3 1/8
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