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Thomas Surfboards

Thomas - 6'7" MV2

Thomas - 6'7" MV2

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 Tail: Winged Round Pin
 Color: Orange tinted deck, clear bottom/rails
 Finish: Wet Sand
 Fin set up: Twin, Futures 

"Effortless and easy to ride with endless amounts of speed without having to work for it. The lower rocker and forward volume gives it plenty of paddle power combined with the subtle vee into vee double concave means that it'll go rail to rail with ease and carry speed through direction changes. The low rails hide thickness and volume and makes it surprisingly responsive, but still with enough hold that'll let you push when you wanna push or sit back and enjoy the flow. A classic mid length twin that is easy to ride and with performance capabilities well beyond what you would expect." -Thomas Bexon

Length 6'7"
Nose 15 1/8"
Width 20 1/8
Tail 14 1/2
Thickness 2 1/2
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