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Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic | 7'2" Egg

Plastic Fantastic | 7'2" Egg

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Length: 7'2"

Nose: 17"

Width: 22 1/2"

Tail: 15"

Thickness: 3"

Finish: Gloss and polish

Color: Purple deck with Red pin-lines, with Clear belly.  


Plastic Fantastic's original egg outline. Plenty of foam for early entry into puchy waves and ease of paddle for more slow forgiving surf. It's California refined flat to double concave bottom contours allow for the board to be naturally swift and efficiently agile. Paired with a thruster set-up for user based drive and control from the riders input. The wave is now your canvas, and this sled is your new favorite paint brush. 


Thruster (Future fin boxes) 

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