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Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic - 5'0" Flex Spoon

Plastic Fantastic - 5'0" Flex Spoon

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Length: 5'0"

Nose: 17 1/4"

Width: 22 1/8"

Tail: 20 3/4"

Thickness: 2 3/8"

Finish: Gloss and polish

Color:  Teal with translucent flex-deck.


Based on George Greenough's original kneeboard designs, this craft is intended to utilize the energy storage potential in a millimeters-thin flexible fiberglass bottom skin as well as lowering the riders center of gravity to zero.  Paired with a GG style flex fin glassed into the belly, this rare design is a direct window into Greenough's unique view of a wave's energy and how best to translate it into human locomotion.   Crafted by Mark McConnell. 


Viper V7, or Yucca 

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