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Koz McRae

Koz McRae - 9'8" Starship

Koz McRae - 9'8" Starship

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TAIL: soft diamond 
COLOR: Kozmic Airspray / clear 
FINISH: sanded 
FIN: twin keel 

Length 9'8
Nose 17 1/4
Width 23
Tail 16 7/8
Thickness 3 1/8


"Shaped for long peelers such as San O. Plenty of foam running from nose to tail.  A nice sleek beaked nose with a pinched / knifey rails gives a real nice toe side rail engagement and less rail to push around on fading turns. Pivoting style turns can be executed thanks to the cut-away keels and light diamond tail.  A smooth rolled entry and long twin concaves gives this Starship extra juice even in the slowest of rollers.  Kozmic Vibes as always."  -K.M.

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