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Kai Sallas

Kai Sallas | 9'8" Tsunami

Kai Sallas | 9'8" Tsunami

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Board Length


Length: 9'8"

Nose: 18 5/8"

Width: 23 3/4"

Tail: 16 5/8"

Thickness: 3 1/4"

Finish: Sanded

Color: Green


A board designed for Kani “Tsunami” Stewart, that he placed 2nd in the world on. Its subtle flip in the tail and wide tail block is designed for doing long, levitating noserides in the pocket. No nose concave needed. The curves in the tail allow this board to turn amazingly well even with such a wide tail. This is one of Sallas's newest and most popular models. Designed for waves in the 1-2 foot to 2 foot over head range.


Single Fin (9.5 - 10.5) 

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