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Green Fuz

Green Fuz | Fuzgun Canvas Board Bag | 8'0

Green Fuz | Fuzgun Canvas Board Bag | 8'0

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The Green Fuz Fuzgun Board Bag is an all canvas bag with a Brown Nose, Stripe Mid & Black Tail. Every Good Boy Deserves Fuz!

Construction: Green Fuz uses premium USA made cotton canvas that keeps your board protected, while offering a friendly feel. We line the deck of the bag with water repellent nylon cloth, similar to a quality padded board bag. This prevents wax from melting into the bag & makes it easier to get your board in & out, especially when wet. Think of your Green Fuz bag as a functional board sock.

  • Outer: 10oz USA Made Organic Canvas Duck
  • Liner: 200 Denier Water Repellent Nylon
  • Patch: Screen Printed Canvas Patch
  • Drawcord: Polyurethane Waterproof Cord
  • Hardware: Plastic Anti-Rust Clasp
  • Made in California
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