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FCS II MR Freeride PG Blue/Red/White Twin Fins

FCS II MR Freeride PG Blue/Red/White Twin Fins

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Mark Richard's popular 4 x World Title twin template. Highly upright twin, making for an ultra loose feel with fast release.

The MR Freeride Twin fin takes us back to 1978 when Mark was reshaping the way surfers approached the wave. Cut from an old fibreglass skateboard deck, the original freeride fins paired with Marks revolutionary surfboard design changed the direction of surfboard design forever.

The Freeride twin sits very upright, making it super loose and free, with plenty of fast release off the top. The tip is more refined compared to his first FCS signature twin, increasing the ability to pivot and turn on a dime. Perfect for Retro fishes, twins and twin fin mid-lengths.
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