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Chris Christenson

Christenson - 6'4" Wolverine

Christenson - 6'4" Wolverine

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Length: 6'4"

Nose: 14 1/4"

Width: 20 11/16"

Tail: 14 3/4"

Thickness: 2 5/8"

Finish:  Wet Sanded Gloss 


Chris' Wolverine utilizes the template of his Nautilus model through the front half of the board to take advantage of the excellent paddle power and beautiful beaked nose, while trimming down the hips and tail of the template with a small wing about 8" ahead of the swallowtail.  Smooth, loose but still drivey, the Wolverine fills the gap between a performance shortboard or fish, and a bigger egg or long-fish.   Made for exciting, high speed lines and carves. 


Versatile design for use in everything from open faced point waves to drained out barrels at beach breaks, waist high to well overhead.


Upright performance twin

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