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Chris Christenson

Christenson - 10'0" Cliff Pin

Christenson - 10'0" Cliff Pin

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Length: 10'0"

Nose: 16 7/8"

Width: 23 3/8"

Tail: 14 3/4"

Thickness: 3"

Finish: Gloss and polish

Color: Clear volan with deck patch and black glue-lines


Chris has shaped variations of this model over many years for Cliff Hansen, a Cardiff Reef local, who is purported to be one of Skip Frye's favorite surfers.  Part glider, part longboard, 100% speed machine, the Cliff model features low rocker and dropped rails for graceful speed and response, with emphasis on positioning for maximum trim velocity.  Pintails win tales. 


Raked 9.5-10"

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