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Chris Ruddy

Chris Ruddy - 9'7" Tube Sock

Chris Ruddy - 9'7" Tube Sock

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Length: 9'7"

Nose: 19 1/8"

Width: 24 3/8"

Tail: 17 5/8"

Thickness: 3 3/8"

Finish:  Gloss, Polished 


A continuation of one of the most important surfboard design tracks to date, the Simmons two-fin planing board, this 50/50 railed log features twin mini-D fins, framing a flat plane which blends into deep vee through the mid section and into nose concave up front.  The result is a traditional feeling longboard which trims, fades, and noserides like a traditional classic, but turns and climbs the face like...       like nothing I've ever surfed before this.   It will hold the most aggressive cutback you can throw at it, and will complete your turn with more speed than any old school longboard I've ever ridden.    [If you could add NOS to a longboard, this would be the result.] -Barnick


Anywhere you would want to ride a log, ankle high to head high easily. 


Bespoke twin 7" D-fins.  Bahne Boxes. 

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