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Chocolate Fish

Chocolate Fish - 9'0" Einstein

Chocolate Fish - 9'0" Einstein

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Length: 9'0"

Nose: 17 1/8"

Width: 22 5/8"

Tail: 15 1/2"

Thickness: 3"

Finish:  Sanded

Color: Purple


If you’re looking for an all around log for beach breaks and points alike that will scream through trim sections and perch noserides in the pocket, the Einstein is for you. The narrower nose not only trims faster though sections, but also reduces the swing weight of the board making it very easy to redirect at slow speeds and really crank at high speeds when you have just outrun that section you never thought you would have made before. Stand tall through the white wash and feel the locked in lust of the Einstein! 


The Einstein is a fast soup slashing outline that will handle ankle to head high conditions!


Flex Fin (9.0 - 9.75) 

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