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Chocolate Fish

Chocolate Fish - 8'0" Billy

Chocolate Fish - 8'0" Billy

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Length: 8'0"

Nose: 16 7/8"

Width: 22 3/8"

Tail: 17 1/4"

Thickness: 3 1/4"

Finish:  Sand 


Eric Christenson's California adaptation of the evolution era Vee-bottomed boards pioneered by Australia's short-board revolutionaries in the late 60's and early 70's.
Flat rocker with a domed deck allow for plenty of buoyancy as well as extremely fast paddle and trim speed.   Rails are dropped low, with tucked speed edge in the rear 1/4 of the board's rail.  The magic is in the deep Spiral Vee from amidships to the wide square tail, which effectively creates 'dual rocker' outlines:  flat rocker down the center line, but a lifted rocker out the tips of the square tail.   Fast and lively, speed to burn. 


Versatile design for use in everything from open faced point waves to beach breaks and reefs.   Knee to overhead. 


Raked, whippy template with long base:  Greenough 4A or Velzy Hot Curl template

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