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Chocolate Fish

Chocolate Fish - 7'0" Cheetah Swallowtail

Chocolate Fish - 7'0" Cheetah Swallowtail

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Length: 7'0"

Nose: 17"

Width: 21 7/8"

Tail: 15 5/8"

Thickness: 2 7/8"

Finish:  Sanded

Color: Kelp


This is the ultimate mid-length shred sled. Low rocker profile and optimized bottom contour provide this sled with excellent paddle-ability, face melting speed and ridiculously wicked surfing on rail. The swallow allows for the tail to break water quicker than a squash or pin, allowing it to hold in steeper surf. Less friction area, more swift movement like the Cheetah. 


From waist high to well overhead this board is incredibly versatile and really likes to be put on rail. 


Greenough 4a or similar

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