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Chocolate Fish

Chocolate Fish - 6'0" Twin Keel Fish

Chocolate Fish - 6'0" Twin Keel Fish

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Length: 6'0"

Nose: 16 5/8"

Width: 21 1/5"

Tail: 16 3/8"

Thickness: 3"

Finish:  Gloss Polished 


Flawless template that blends the classic San Diego Frye / Lis designs with Eric's finely foiled rails and complex bottom contours.   Equally tuned for both soulful glide and aggressive attack.  Rails are deeply dropped and tucked.  Bottom entry shows very slight vee from the nose back to between your feet, where it blends to spiral-vee out the tail.  Limitless speed with effortless flow. 


Versatile design for use in everything from open faced point waves to drained out barrels at beach breaks, waist high to well overhead.


Mid-sized classic keel template. 

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