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Captain Fin

Captain Fin | Knost Classic

Captain Fin | Knost Classic

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Template: Pivot—loose, upright template, but with a wide base for down-the-line speed.
Ideal Board: Mid-Lengths with 2 + 1 fin setups.
Construction: Fiberglass construction.

A throwback aesthetic matches the retro-inspired template of the Alex Knost Classic and with it’s wide base and upright profile it will lend a vintage, yet speedy and responsive feel to any mid-length or ‘70s-era style single.

Fin Specification Size
Area 30.39"
Height 8.5"
Base 5.7"
Foil 50/50

Fin Specification Size
Area 23.66"
Height 7.5"
Base 5.0"
Foil 50/50

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