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Captain Fin

Captain Fin | Chemistry Paser | Thruster

Captain Fin | Chemistry Paser | Thruster

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The Chemistry "Colab 2" Carbon Cells, featuring art by Pacer, is a template for the high performance surfer who wants drive and the right amount of release. With it's wide base, smooth rake, and medium sized tip, The Colab 2 goes well in all types of surf.

Template: Balanced—great for shredding beach breaks with tight pockets or smaller surfers in bigger surf.

Size: Recommended for medium size surfers 140 lbs. to 195 lbs. (63 kg. to 88 kg.).

Construction: Honeycomb Construction

Flex: Medium

Compatibility:  Futures

Fin Specification Side Fins Center Fin
Area 14.99
Height 4.73
Base 4.49
Foil Flat 50/50


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