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Dick Brewer

Brewer - 11'1" Excalibur

Brewer - 11'1" Excalibur

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Length: 11'1"

Nose: 15 3/4"

Width: 22"

Tail: 10 3/8"

Thickness: 3 7/8"

Finish:  Gloss, Polished 


Dick Brewer has remained one of the most influential and important names in high performance surfing to this day, shaping for the riders at the bleeding edge of progression.   No pursuit pushes the limits of human endurance, strength and nerve like big-wave riding, and in 1963 in an era where most boards were still quite blocky and not able to hook an edge to cut horizontally across the lurching dark walls of giant Waimea, Buzzy Trent was knifing high across the face, accelerating through unrideable territory.  The rails and bottom contour of this board are advanced even compared to today's designs.   A thick, weighty and broad entry through the nose with pronounced convex bottom abruptly reverses into a cupped concave 2' ahead of the low-aspect keel fin, and the rounded uprail through the first 2/3 quickly morphs into modern down-rail with hard knife edge out the narrow tail block.  Modern futurism.  1963.  Excalibur. 
Gary Linden (needs no introduction) convinced Dick several decades ago to shape him a personal board of this '63 design, and from that special board, Gary has re-created this masterpiece exactly as RB did for Buzzy in the early days.   Modern futurism.  1963.  Excalibur. 


Waimea - Eddie Aikau Invitational conditions


RB would recommend you hang on -  you're about to go faster than you've ever wanted to!

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