Tyler Warren

Within the study of quantum science, exists an anomaly called The Observer Effect, wherein a particle or number of particles, when exposed to a witness either passive or active, will fundamentally change their behavior. The Eye, it would appear, changes the world entire.TylerWarren's drawings and oil paintings are nothing if not exacting. Perspective, shadow and refraction all locked true to the laws which govern our current plane. The shapes and figures all all appear to agree with reality, but transmogrified, rendered harsh yet soft, seenthrough his lens.

Tyleris a hawkish observer of light and obscurra, of silence and time and complexity. He shapes surfboards because he has also watched the master builders, closely. Terry Martin's planer strokes, simplified into minimalist perfection, reductionist sculpting.Tylerobserves.Tyler's observations of Bob Simmons' study in planing efficiency for effortless speed show as equally in his read of a wave face as they do in the contours of the surfboards he crafts for them. His surfboard designs are as specialized and varied as his art implements, and with deft touch, do indeed change small worlds.