A&H Vessels

Ashton Pickle should be a good surfboard shaper. He should be a good surfer.He is one of those individuals who with quiet confidence and focus, tend to attain high skill in whichever direction their fancy flies. And he is good. 

What you might not expect from a straight-laced, Florida-bred, Post-Momentum Generational however, is that he is quite creatively adventurous in his interpretation of the modern surf craft.
I suppose that getting your very first custom board after relocating to San Clemente from the likes of one of the most highly-lauded savants in the surfboard building sphere (Donald Brink) might have an effect. Ashton has since spent fruitful intervening years collaborating with Mr. Brink, exchanging theories and quandaries, and he has landed on the fertile ground of twin fin expansion design.

His shapes, going under the brand nameA&HVessels (after his first born), are a constantly morphing collection of carefully balanced straight edges and radii, symmetry and unconstrained variation, foreign but familiar.  Under the feet of some of our most entertaining wave pilots, (Jimmy Thompson and Mason Ho can start the list off...) Ashton's boards draw lines and foster body movements unbridled by the constraints of the homogenized thruster.  Speed without effort, grip without drag, navigational freedom, alpha brain wave creativity.  
The eye knows when something looks right, even if we lack the vocabulary to explain it.
Translating the intangible is best left to the artists and heretics, but fortunately for the rest of us, we all speak the language of speed.