5'7 Misc.

Tail: Swallow
Color: White w/ Black rails 
Finish: Sanded 
Fin: Twin + trailer

The MISC was designed with one sentiment in mind: You shouldn’t have to compromise your surfing to ride a twin-fin. As in, your surfing shouldn’t have to look like you’re on a twin…even if you are on one. We wanted to design a twin to progress your surfing; not to dumb it down. The MISC. is an extraordinary twin (or 2+1) that will actually ride like your performance board — top to bottom — but you’ll be flying around the wave with that drag-free twin fin feeling. Astoundingly drivey, super-quick and loose above the lip when searching for release, the MISC. is a team-rider favorite, now available for those wanting that elusive performance twin.

Comes with fins.

Length 5'7
Nose 14 3/8
Width 19 7/8
Tail 15 1/2
Thickness 2 7/16