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5'8 Superchunk

Tail: Weird
Color: Clear 
Finish: Sanded gloss
Fin: 5 fin set up

Over the past few years we’ve played with so many different variations of the Superchunk—from short/wide grovelers for tiny waves, to thinner/narrower versions for “good” waves, to even identical twin stunt doubles of the ASQ template and foil. And they all work! The current standard foil is very much the same as the ASQ and represents the latest addition to the Mandala bucket of hammers. It shares all of the proven design elements as the ASQ, but with a different approach to removing surface area from the tail to provide flex and release. The smaller triangular swallowtail of the Superchunk contains the same area as the isoceles triangle of the Arc-Swallowtail, giving both boards similar flavors off the tail. The shallower swallowtail also lets us offer a center fin option for those who just can’t stop surfing boards with three steering rudders

Length 5'8
Nose 17 5/8
Width 20 5/8
Tail 17 
Thickness 2 1/2