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9'6 OG Noserider

TAIL: Square
COLOR: Clear w/ comp band
FINISH: Gloss+Polish
FIN: Red Glassed-on Nuuhiwa Noseriding fin

The original Bing Noserider was first designed in 1965. This classic traditional surfboard was built for one sole purpose: noseriding. The Noserider today is still made according to the 60s design and consists of a deep tear-drop concave for lift, 5-stringer t-band (1/8” cedar, 3/8” balsa, 1⁄4 “ black foam, 3/8” balsa, 1/8” cedar), a red and black high-density foam tail block, 10 oz. volan fiberglass and or competition band upon request. A board that works in small to mid-size waves in clean conditions. This is the original noserider that all noseriders have been modeled after.

Length 9'6
Nose 18 1/2
Width 23 1/16
Tail 16
Thickness 3 1/16