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TAIL: Thumb
COLOR: Volan
FINISH: Sanded gloss
FIN: 5 Fin Option

The Hyde features a contemporary rocker, yet much lower, compared to most, that lets you bite hard on your turns and get vertical coming off the bottom. A concave nose keeps you properly noseriding to complement these progressive qualities. This sled is very easy to adapt to and is quite versatile in a plethora of wave conditions no matter what your skill level is. 

Bottom Countour- Concave entry, flat to spiral vee thril-hull out the back. The Mini-Hyde like his big brother catches waves like a dream, rips off the bottom, fits right in there pocket and is even down for a sweet cheater 5. A perfect option to the fish & mini Simmons skatey feel. Fast as a speeding bullet!

Length 5'6
Nose 18 1/8
Width 21
Tail 16 1/8
Thickness 2 5/8
Price: $688.00
SKU: CF4801



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