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Chocolate Fish Tantra Surfboard shaped by Eric Christenson

TAIL: Large square
COLOR: Clear W/ Cedar stringer
FINISH: Sanded
FIN: Quad (futures)

This amazing Mini Simmons comes with a quad box configuration to allow flexibility on fin options. One of my favorite options is “Controllers”. Making turns a little tighter than the traditional Keel fin set up, as well as more freedom on the backside. Don’t  forget to slide all four fins over the top before setting up your next bottom turn. :)

 The flat rocker / pinched rails / spoon entry w/ single concave through fins/ rail to rail surfing when driven to the limit / perfect for waist high and up wave conditions.

A wave catching machine…


Length 5'4
Nose 18 1/4
Width 21 1/4
Tail 18 1/2
Thickness 2 1/2
Price: $648.00
SKU: CF99001



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